"Considering Marriage" -Khalid Latif’s Ramadan Day 3 Reflection

Wow. Can I just say, I am BLOWN away by this reflection piece. My favorite so far!! Why you ask?? Well this Ramadan Reflection piece is one that I feel I relate to 99%! The 1% I didn’t count is because I’m not married yet…but regardless!

In his most recent Ramadan piece, Khalid Latif doesn’t necessarily talk about Ramadan besides his mentioning of having suhoor with his wife. But he talks about something that is on a looooot of young Muslims minds these days and thats the “M word” Marriage. 

BUT the reason I LOVEEE this reflection piece is because he gives a TOTALLY different perspective on it than the normal “marriage articles.” He talks about…well…something I always think about, and that is being with an ambitious partner. 

His wife, who is several months pregnant, volunteers at a rape crisis center in New York City.

1) I was planning on volunteering at a rape crisis center this year but things didn’t work out around my schedule. Regardless, it’s still something I plan on iA. 

2) New York City is my favorite city in the world, and I want to live there.

So, I related to two things right off the bat.

Khalid goes into detail on how during suhoor his wife just left to the hospital for a rape case. He saw her again later on in the day. And eventually the couple talked about marriage.

Khalid goes in on how he loves how ambitious his wife is: “the fact that she is driven by her passions for her work makes her that much more right for me.

He elaborated on how many Muslim men have a hard time committing to a relationship with a driven Muslim woman who “are motivated, driven and ambitious.

And it’s SO true! Many Muslim men prefer women who plan on staying home all day and taking care of the household. Which, sure is fine, BUT if that’s what you want then DON’T GET INTO A RELATIONSHIP WITH A WOMAN YOU KNOW HAS DREAMS SHE WANTS TO ACHIEVE OUTSIDE THE HOUSE! 

You need to figure out what kind of life, wife, and future you want before you get caught up in this relationship stuff. 

He also pointed out this BEAUTIFUL hadith, just BEAUTIFUL and made me love our Prophet (pbuh) SO much more than I already did:

The Prophet Muhammad, by the way, did his share of chores. His wife Aisha was once asked “What did The Prophet do at home?" She said "He kept busy with housework. He patched his clothes, swept the house, milked the animals, and bought supplies for the house from the market. If his shoes were torn He mended them himself. He tied the rope to the water bucket. He secured the camel, fed it and ground the flour.

How many Muslim men know this??? The most respected figure in the world, and look at how he lived. A partner. He was a PARTNER. And a dang good one too, peace and blessings upon him.

But man! Did this article open my eyes. And in perfect timing, I really needed to read this. I will NEVER let anyone get in the way of my dreams, inshAllah. 

Khalid Latif talks about how a woman who is very goal-oriented can also be family-oriented. Which I totally agree with. It’ll be hard, but that’s life! 

"Accomplishment and drive are not things to be wary of," Latif said. 

I really think people need to start thinking about that quote. ^

And it’s not just for guys about women. Females too. He doesn’t always have to be a doctor or lawyer, if he has AMBITION and DRIVE and he cares for you and has love for you, then you have to trust and believe that you will be taken care of.

Anyways! Here’s the article, READ IT NOW! Please :)  

Oh, and if you enjoyed that piece, read this article of him during Ramadan last year talking about his now wife, when they were just engaged and how he felt about her then. How beautiful their relationship has progressed! Click here to read. 

Khalid Latif and his wife Priya. ♡

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